Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Daily Affirmation".

It has been nearly a full year since I posted anything on here. The only reason that I remembered that I had a blog at all was that my pastor's wife came up to me at church tonight and said "I read your blog." I had a bit of a mental glitch(notice that I was trying to be mature and not say "brain fart"...yeah, who am I kidding?) and then I said " did you find it?" Apparently I had linked to it on my Facebook page and that is how she came to read all this drivel. For which I sincerely apologize.

Anyway, I had only started this blog basically because I knew that summer was looming upon me and I would have to leave all my school peeps. The only way I felt I could compensate was by having some sort of cyber-relationship. So. That is my story and I will stick to it.

However, (1) now that I find myself in a similar situation as I did last summer and (2) since midterms are upon my school peeps I believe that a motivational ramble followed by a video of a cute child is in order.

(Commencing motivational and slightly self-deprecating ramble)

Dear school friends,

Spring semester always goes by faster then the fall semester. So much is going on....there's a banquet to start off, a week long choir tour, and North/South. And, of course, in between all this you have work and classes and homework.....which is actually the point of going to college(shocking, I know). And NOW I hear that midterms is upon you! These last few months have seemed interminable, but midterms surprises me.
Now, some of you are having an easier time of it this semester; some of you may have been overly optimistic at the beginning of the semester and now find yourselves overwhelmed. I've been on both ends of that one, so just remember...It doesn't matter if you finish the projects weeks before due date or minutes--so long as you throw yourself into it and give it a good go. Which may sound like the type of advice a procrastinator would give. And you would be correct. But really long as you get it done and don't give up, you're going to do fine.
The most important thing is to remember that "This, too, shall pass." And years from now, you'll think about college and think "It wasn't so VERY bad, was it?" And everyone needs to get some education...imagine all the nursing majors out there. Think of all the biology terms THEY have to memorize. *Shudder*
And so, to wrap up I think we need to see a video of a very confident little girl. Feel free to emulate this into your own life(but make sure to explain to your roommates first, so they won't be concerned. V9S7ZAJRP7C8

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