Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meditations between Levitations(Or ramblings of my mind while I wait for my next flight to board) :P

Funny how things change, isn't it? In August, I loathed all things school-related, but now that I have a whole summer ahead of me without any of my friends or any teenagers I find myself dreaming of the study and classrooms. I've been sitting here feeling lost because I don't have any homework to work on. What's really bad is the fact that I have plans for how to keep myself "academically occupied"(nerdiness prevails once again). I plan to buy the Rosetta Stone program for learning Spanish so that I can test out of Spanish I next semester. I want to take Greek, so I wnat to get Spanish out of the way so I can focus on learning Greek. I love languages, and I took two years of Spanish in high school, so it's a simple matter of reveiwing everything I've forgotten due to not having anyone to speak Spanish with. I would also like to take Music theory next semester, which means I need to start playing piano again.
Secondly, it's funny how places change too. My mom told me earlier today that one of the most essential families in our church is moving away. They don't really want to, of course, but he hasn't been able to find employment for the last two months. They have three little girls 6, 5 and 2--I remember when the oldest was a newborn! since I've been away the littlest one has forgotten me, but she was my favorite baby in the church. There are a few new faces many people that have become a part of our church family while I have been missing so much at college(how awful is it to be jealous that new people are being loved by your church family? I'm not really jealous, but I feel bad that I have not been a part of anything at my church for so long).
(Now I'm home and it's after Wednesday night church)
And last of all, it's funny how people change--some of the men in my churhc seem to have a lot more gray hair than they used to, and the kids are getting so big. The "babies" are walking, the "little ones" are starting kindergarten, and my sister is starting high school! Some of the kids are so tall now, and some of them are old enough to go to youth conference in OKC this summer!!!
Well, this has been one rambling and rather sentimental post, so I'll stop all my peeps in Oklahoma and abroad, I miss you guys, so keep in touch okay? Later gators!

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  1. Hey, Rebecka!

    Things are definitely different here without you. I'm really going to miss having you on bus. By the time you come back, we might have another engaged person on bus. Wow!

    I understand how you feel. I felt like a fish out of water after my freshman year of college when I went back to Minnesota.

    Have fun learning Spanish. Someday I hope to learn it myself.

    Honestly, enjoy your summer. I direct messaged you my IM on Twitter and would love to stay in contact with you! Get some rest, and come back to us in the fall! :)